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We offer expert advice that works for you now and in the future – because financial freedom should leave room for you to live. That means having control over your money, doing what makes you happy, and focusing on your family, not just on your pocketbook. It means following your heart and not being afraid to change your mind. We’re there to help you with every step, every decision and every success.

A Stronger, Better You: Why It’s Important to Look After Your Financial Health

A stronger, better you: Why it’s important to look after your financial health – Freedom 55 Financial  By making small lifestyle changes, you could help you and your loved ones financially. A stronger, better you: Why it’s important to look after your financial...
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Financial security planning for your bucket list

Financial security planning for your bucket list Establish savings habits with professional advice You deserve to live the life you want. Whether that means living life to the fullest right now or having the freedom to choose your own course in the future, it’s your...
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Five Financial Steps For New Parents

Five financial steps for new parents Five financial steps for new parents Starting a family can be overwhelming. Be sure to keep these financial steps in mind. While personal finances may not be on your mind (likely getting enough sleep is), here are five important...
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Insurance: Protect more than just your home

When you buy a home, you need a way to help protect yourself and your family financially, no matter what happens. Your bank/lending institution probably talked to you about mortgage insurance (also called creditor insurance) when you bought your house. It means if you...
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Live your most relevant life...

Relevant Life Financial Group financial security advisors are with you every step of the way. Not only will they guide you through the financial security planning process by focusing on your personal needs and goals, they’ll help you understand your options so you can make smart choices. And as your needs change, your financial security plan can change, too. That’s how you live the life that's relevant to you.

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