Introducing Sustainable Investing from Manulife

What is Sustainable Investing?

Sustainable investing refers to the incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG)factors, into the selection and management of investments.


– How a company’s operations affect the
natural environment, and how the natural environment
affects the company.


– The relationship between a company
and its employees, suppliers, and communities.


– The structures or systems a company has
put in place to ensure effective direction and control.

Manulife believes that ESG risks and opportunities contribute
to an investment’s overall risk and return profile and
harnessing the opportunities and managing those risks
can benefit investors. As stewards of client capital, we have
a responsibility to allocate to the companies and issuers
that we believe are most resilient to ESG risks and/or best
positioned to take advantage of ESG opportunities.

Manulife believes that active management and sustainable
investing go hand in hand. We actively engage with the
companies in which we invest to assess their business
models against sustainability risks and opportunities,
with a focus on enhancing and improving their operating
strength through the adoption of sustainability
best practices.

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